Thank you…
Barnett’s dying wish was that his story be used to make a difference. This has only been made possible due to the dedication, commitment and support of the following companies and individuals:

  • Above all, Campaigning for Cancer would like to honour Mr Barnett Mark Fine. Without his story all this would not have been possible.
  • We would also like to thank Mr Fine’s family, who agreed to have their father’s story made public, especially his daughter Hanna and son Gary. It has not been an easy time for them but they have remained true to their father’s wishes.
  • To Dot Webb, the case manager at Campaigning for Cancer, who spent days and nights on Barnett’s case, making sure every detail was documented and sending letter after letter to hospitals and governmental departments. Dot you are a true advocate and the hundreds of patients you have helped this year will attest to that.
  • To Neil Kirby for his constant advice and guidance, we wouldn’t be able to do the work we do without you.
  • Most significantly, the team at OPENCO, without their dedication and creativity Barnett’s journey would still only be a story written on paper. Thank you to Sean, Mel, Roger, Steven and the entire team. You guys rock!
  • Our enormous gratitude goes out to the teams at Primedia Broadcasting, especially Ken and Andrew, and the team at Mediamark, Kevin and Shaun – thank you!
  • A special thanks to Barrie Sidelsky from Omnicom Media Group S A (Pty) Ltd. You don’t understand the meaning of the word NO and for that we will be forever grateful.
  • Conrad and Leilani your passion and enthusiasm is infectious.
  • To Alun, Andi and Sean of Cut and Paste, thank you for your commitment to this cause. Without your generosity no one would be hearing this story. To Monique and Tumi, thank you for lending us your voices!
  • To photographer Ricardo Marcus, Thank you for capturing each patient’s story in just one photograph.
  • To Duncan at SPONSORME, thank you for support and enthusiasm!
  • To every journalist and editor that has covered the stories faced by cancer patients, we thank you for your coverage and how you have brought these issues to light - please don’t stop!
  • Finally, to each and every patient, family member or friend who chose to share their stories of how they have been affected by broken machines, out of stock signs and every other challenge thrown at them by a broken system, we salute your determination and fighting spirits. We are committed to ensuring that your stories are the catalyst for change.