This campaign forms part of Campaigning for Cancer’s effort to ensure that all cancer patients can expect fair, appropriate, timeous, and dignified quality treatment and care.

Mr Fine’s dying wish was that his story be used to make a difference and shed light on the problems that the majority of South African cancer patients face during their journey. In his honour we have developed a call to action for all South African’s – because for every story told, there are hundreds that are not.

Campaigning for Cancer is calling on all South Africans, patients and their families and friends, who are receiving inadequate or no cancer care, or who are upset by the way they have been treated, to please come forward and report the issue through the following national call to action:

If you know anyone who has suffered a similar disregard of their basic human rights, then contribute a photograph and a story, which will act as a petition to the government. Our aim is to put a name and a face to thousands upon thousands of people who up until now have been treated as nameless statistics. This is a problem that government should not only be aware of, but also be ashamed of. With the faces of those who’ve suffered looking up at them, they can either choose to make a difference in the face of this tragedy, or turn their backs- either way this will no longer be ignored. Please share your story at www.c4c.co.za

We know that Mr Fine’s story, together with your own, will put a face to the problems faced by cancer patients all over South Africa and highlight the ultimate consequences of cancer patients not receiving fair, appropriate, timeous, and dignified quality treatment and care.
For more about Campaigning for Cancer, please go to www.campaign4cancer.co.za